If you run a nonprofit, you know how challenging it is to spread the word about your advocacies on limited funds. Whatever your cause or charity, you need to look for ways to spend your budget in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Which is why you need to consider using promotional products to spread the word about your cause.

Promo items can be used in a wide variety of ways to boost your nonprofit’s engagement. You can use it to reward, motivate, thank, and nurture both donors and volunteers alike. Promotional Products Association International says that nonprofits are top three promotional product buyers. Just like companies that aim to increase sales, nonprofits can also benefit from promotional products to gain a wider audience.

Here are some key statistics that may convince you to start using promotional items on your next fund drive.

• 85 percent of promotional product recipients remember the name of the company.
• 52 percent of recipients viewed the company positively after receiving their promo item.
• The cost per impression (CPI) for promo products is 0.7 cents per dollar. In comparison, CPI for TV ads is 2.5 cents per dollar.
• 41 percent of American consumers bought a product because it was associated with a cause or advocacy.

A lot of nonprofits use promotional products to spread awareness of the cause, and as you can see from the third statistic, the cost-effectiveness of promotional products is a huge advantage when compared to other advertising methods.

With thousands of economical and high quality items to choose from, you need only partner your nonprofit with a trusted promotional products provider to recruit volunteers, acquire donors, and spread your hopeful message. Afterward, you may then use your selected promotional products to create community, fund your charitable activities and help save lives.

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