Coffee mugs, water bottles, and tumblers might sound dull or dated nowadays compared to giveaways like thumb drives or earphones. However, drinkware remains one of the most effective kinds of promotional products. Here are a few reasons your business should consider rolling them out.
Longevity makes for good strategy
Trendy freebies can go out of fashion or outlive their use. Drinkware never will. Even if someone decides to stop drinking from a mug, they can always repurpose it. Penholders are an obvious alternative, but drinkware can also be used to hold anything from tea bags and planted herbs to toothbrushes and hair ties.
Whichever way a person chooses to reuse a cup, it would likely end up somewhere they encounter regularly in their home or office. Your brand would be always on display – even to just one person.
Toward sustainability
If there is a “trend” regarding giveaways you should follow, it would be the movement toward environmentally-sustainable drinkware.
The use of single-use plastic bottles is being increasingly banned throughout the country. Your business can look into distributing eco-friendly drinkware so people can go wherever they please with a “green” water bottle in tow. People would remember – and appreciate – your business more if they see that your promotional products are not only useful, but helpful for the greater good.
Material matters
As the movement toward green promotional products shows, drinkware may never outlive its usefulness, but its designs and materials could become outdated. Take plastic drinkware for example. It was convenient for users – until it became proven to be more than inconvenient for the environment.
Stainless steel is currently the choice of material for portable drinkware. The industry for this kind of product is largely environment-friendly, and stainless-steel drinkware is popular among consumers because it can keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods of time. Pundits say it might continue to be choice material for years to come – making it a sound investment for both the earth’s and your brand’s sustainability.
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