You can never put a good marketing strategy down. Despite the proliferation of digital marketing channels, the tried-and-tested real-world methods such as promotional products remain a popular choice for spreading word about your brand. Not only that, promotional products are more popular now than ever.

Promotional items, such as T-shirts, pens, mugs, and calendars—are usually given to customers for free to remind customers of your brand and message. Research indicates that people in the U.S. own an average of 9.8 promotional products. If that doesn’t sound beneficial enough, here are other promotional item marketing statistics to ponder.

• When asked about their favorite type of advertising, consumers under 55 answered promotional products.
• Promotional products are the most welcome form of advertising, with mobile ads the most unwelcome.
• 85 percent of people who own promotional products remember the name of the advertiser.
• 79 percent of individuals who received a promo item said they looked up the brand and 83 percent said they are more inclined to do business with them.

Measuring the customer’s response to your promotional products is important because that’s how you know that your giveaway items are doing their job as a marketing tool. So how do you find out what your customers think about your products?  Check out these five metrics used by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

• Reach – the length, frequency, and range of brand exposure experienced by the consumer.
• Recall – if a consumer remembers your promotional product and the brand it advertises.
• Resonance – how engaged your consumers feel when receiving your products. The goal is to engage them on a personal level.
• Reaction – if your products elicit a positive response from your customers.
• Relativity – if your products send the right message across to your customers.

Make sure your giveaways help you reach your goal by partnering with a promotional product manufacturer with plenty of experience helping similar businesses like yours.

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