Tried-and-true marketing strategies are called as such for a reason—because they work. A prime example of tried-and-true marketing is by boosting your brand with the use of promotional products. These marketing items will never go out of style, because who doesn’t like receiving gifts, especially when they’re durable and provide functional value?

Make your mark on your audience with promotional products to maximize your brand exposure. Here’s how:

Market your promotional items online

Do you send marketing emails to your customers? Great! Use your emails to provide your customers with information about your promotional products. Share your goods on social media via photos, GIFs and videos. Promote your giveaways on your website so your customers are aware of what you are offering. Online marketing can be a great way to get audience talking about your promo items, and consequently, your brand.

Display the items on your store

Set up an actual display in your store to catch the eye of curious customers. Make sure the placement of your promotional products makes for an organized and visually pleasing display. If you have more than one type of promotional item, it’s a good idea to display a larger quantity of the inexpensive items up front and place the higher-value items toward the back. After you’ve started giving away the low-cost item for brand awareness, you can use the pricier item to start a conversation with a potential customer and qualify the lead.

Use a mix of expensive and inexpensive promotional products

As described above, using a mix of low-value and high-value products can be useful in guiding potential customers through the conversion process. If all this sounds good to you, start your search for the right promotional products for your company today.

How promotional products help you in marketing?,