You’ve worked hard to gather current and prospective clients, resource persons, and other contacts to a business event. Beyond ensuring that discussions and interactions were meaningful, how could you ensure that they will remember they were there?
The answer lies in strategically chosen promotional products.
Photos and videos
If you want attendees to remember your event, there is one effective way of doing that: share the proof that they were there.
Taking photos of attendees per table, or with all participants up on a stage, is standard. However, you could also snap candid photos, showing them in light moments or when interacting with honored guests. Such images could help an attendee better remember your event, especially if they appreciate the picture.
Videos are a step up; a well-produced recap will not only remind attendees of their presence, but refresh in their minds what they learned from your event.
Remember that photo and video souvenirs need not always be delivered in well-wrapped mail packages. Though this would certainly make an impression, photos and images shared through email or social media can also jog the recipient’s memory.
Practical items
Ball-point pens, tumblers, thumb drives, and event planners. Are they run-of-the-mill freebies? Maybe so, but they are items that can always be of use. That’s why they’re standard promotional products – recipients won’t discard things they might need.
Try to come up with other useful everyday items you can put your brand on. The more imaginative will be the more impressive.
Food and foremost
To appropriate a proverb, the way to a person’s memory might be through their stomach.
Aside from providing attendees well-catered food for lunch or snacks, you should make sure to send them home with treats, tastefully accompanied by your logo and thank-you note. Doing so would fill their stomachs and could fill them with goodwill.
In fact, you could even send your attendees goodies a couple of weeks after an event. That simultaneously sends the message that you yourself haven’t forgotten about them – and that they shouldn’t forget about you. As with any other branding effort, success could hinge on the follow-through.
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