It’s easy for businesses to focus a majority of their marketing efforts on attracting new customers. However, retaining current customers matter as well. Take the time to show appreciation for their loyalty through promotional products.

Reward Your Loyal Base

Promotional products can be a good incentive to encourage customers to purchase more often, or even purchase greater amounts. Customers will feel valued and appreciated by receiving a reward. Even one such reward can play a major role in increasing customers’ perception of your company’s value.

A More Personalized “Thank You”

Promotional items are also an effective and more personalized way to thank customers for ordering. Consider using them during times when business is slow, as it can act as an incentive to get business to pick up. Your customers will see what you offer as a gift that is worthy of their time and attention.

Prizes for Contest Winners

Using promotional products as prizes in a contest can be a good way to encourage participation. A contest is always a clever and entertaining way to increase awareness of your brand. Many customers are more likely to do business with a company that uses innovative ways of promoting their brand.

Pamper Exclusive Members

Consider offering a rewards program or exclusive club where members benefit from special items. Promotional products that are not available to your main customer base are one exciting option. Customers respond positively to feeling as though they are part of an elite group.

Promotional items are good for both new and established customers. If you have a great strategy for their use, you may find that they increase your sales and brand awareness by a large margin. Remember, the more favorable customers’ perception of your company is, the more likely they will come to you and recommend you to others.

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